新电影《疯狂亚洲富人》将于本周三上映 (时报影评)

吴恬敏在浪漫喜剧《疯狂的亚洲富人》中出演角色,该片改编自凯文·关的畅销小说,由朱浩伟执导。 SANJA BUCKO/WARNER BROS.
As of the moment as an Instagram feed, “Crazy Rich Asians” revisits Jane Austen’s timeless universal truth about a man in possession of a fortune being in want of a wife. The man in question is Nick Young (Henry Golding), the exquisitely eligible scion of a Singapore real estate family. The scale of his fortune is suggested by the first scene, in which his mother, insulted by the manager of a fancy London hotel, buys it out from under him.
通过仿若一条Instagram时间线般现代的方式,《疯狂的亚洲富人》重温了简·奥斯汀(Jane Austen)就“有意娶妻的多金男”这一主题给出的永恒普世真理。这一次涉及的男人是尼克·杨(Nick Young,亨利·戈尔丁[Henry Golding]饰),某新加坡地产家族的优秀后裔。影片开场就表明了他的财富规模——他的母亲在伦敦一家时髦酒店受到经理侮辱,于是干脆当着他的面把酒店买了下来。
There’s no doubt in Nick’s mind about whom he wants to marry: Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), an economics professor at N.Y.U. originally from Queens. She and Nick, who have been together for a year, are clearly a perfect match. At least in Manhattan. But when they travel back to Singapore for a wedding, Rachel finds herself subjected to the disapproving scrutiny of the older generation and vicious sniping from potential rivals.
尼克很清楚自己想和谁结婚:瑞切尔·朱(Rachel Chu,吴恬敏饰),她是纽约大学经济学教授,在皇后区长大。她和尼克已经相恋一年,显然非常般配,至少在曼哈顿是如此。但当他们回到新加坡出席一场婚礼时,瑞切尔发现自己受到老一代人反感的审视,以及潜在竞争对手的恶毒狙击。
Every romantic comedy depends on obstacles to the central couple’s ultimate happiness. “Crazy Rich Asians,” a busy, fizzy movie winnowed from Kevin Kwan’s sprawling, dishy novel, sets up a series of clashes — between tradition and individualism, between the heart’s desire and familial duty, between insane wealth and prudent upward mobility — that are resolved with more laughter than tears. There are squalls of intrigue and a melodramatic cloudburst or two, but nothing that threatens to spoil the festivities.
所有浪漫喜剧要依赖核心伴侣走向最终幸福之路上的障碍。由凯文·关(Kevin Kwan)宏大而迷人的小说改编的《疯狂的亚洲富人》,是一部充满活力的热闹影片,它在传统和个人主义之间、在内心愿望和家庭责任之间、在疯狂的财富和精明的向上流动之间设置一系列冲突,它们更多是在笑声中得到解决,而不是在泪水里。片中有一连串阴谋和一两个夸张的大爆发,但没有什么能够破坏欢快的气氛。
The venue is fabulous — if there is any part of Singapore that is less than dazzlingly picturesque, we don’t see it here — the music is great, and the food includes homemade dumplings, street-stall delicacies and lavish banquet dishes. But the key to this party is surely the guest list. It has been noted that this is the first Hollywood movie in a long time with a mostly Asian and Asian-American cast, and if anything this observation understates the diversity of the performers onscreen, in terms of both their origins and their pop-cultural affiliations. They include Michelle Yeoh, one of the great international movie stars of the past quarter-century; Ken Jeong, a staple of naughty American comedy for almost as long; and Awkwafina, a hip-hop artist, actress and web celebrity of more recent vintage.
That’s only a small sampling. Mr. Kwan’s book, a best-seller that has spawned two sequels since it was published in 2013, runs to more than 500 pages and includes footnotes, genealogical charts and a telephone directory’s worth of names. Its digressions and tangents would easily fill up a television season or two, and the movie, directed by Jon M. Chu, can feel a bit rushed and cramped. There’s too much and also not enough.
尽管如此,影片还是会让你乐在其中,只是对可怜的瑞切尔来说就不是那么回事了。在和即将结婚的一对情侣——尼克的发小科林(Colin,克里斯·彭[Chris Pang]饰)和未婚妻阿拉明塔(Araminta,水野索诺亚[Sonoya Mizuno]饰)——做了一次愉快的短途旅行之后,家族纷争和一些鸡毛蒜皮的蠢行开始愈演愈烈。瑞切尔遇到了尼克的前女友阿曼达(Amanda,陆思敬饰),她不是表面看上去的盟友。尼克迷人的堂妹阿斯特丽德(Astrid,嘉玛·陈[Gemma Chan]饰)要好相处一些,她的婚姻问题是影片中最完整的支线情节。她的丈夫迈克尔(Michael,方展发饰)和瑞切尔一样,是个局外人;妻子的金钱和地位带给他不安全感,使得他们的婚姻有可能成为一个警世故事。